Levitator Advantages

  • Superior Design
    Levitator Engines are designed by Pleasurecraft’s world-class engineering department with over 100 years of combined experience.
  • Superior Validation
    Every Levitator engine model has gone through rigorous testing in both a world-class dynamometer lab as well as in the real world.
  • Superior Fuel Delivery (Fuel Control Cell)
    Pleasurecraft’s patented USCC approved Fuel Control Cell is superior to all other fuel systems, ensuring your Levitator engine always has a constant supply of fuel.
  • 100% EPA Emission Certified
    Every Levitator Engine is 100% emission certified.
  • 3 Year, 200 Hour Factory Warranty
  • Engine Protection (5 stage paint process and cowling)
    Every Levitator Engine goes through a 5 stage paint process. Combined with an engine cowing for maximum protection from the elements, Levitator engines offer the most protection of any airboat engine on the market.
  • GM Marine Engine Technology
    Levitator is a proud partner of GM Marine. Every engine base that Levitator uses has gone through the rigorous design and validation of over 6000 GM engineers.
  • High Amperage Alternator
  • Plug and Play Electronics
    Every Levitator engine comes with the capability to incorporate your favorite plug and play electronics.
  • Custom Airboat Calibration
  • Active Response Throttle Control
  • Remote Mount Oil Filter
  • Advanced Engine Diagnostics